Leopoldo Galtieri at the book presentation

Caras Magazine – March 21, 1995


The former “de facto” president of the last military regime reappeared in public, during the launch of a play about the war he commanded.

Lieutenant General Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri (69) with an impeccable, but several years of use, both right blue, appeared again in society during the launch of the book “Malvinas '82”. Far from the notoriety of yesteryear, he went unnoticed by passersby who saw him enter the halls of the Círculo Naval, where the event took place. There an essay was presented, written by the military's lawyer, Alberto De Vita. The lawyer himself admitted that his book "began as the defense of Lieutenant General Galtieri."

De Vita insisted that "it was inevitable to send troops to the Falklands." The former commander, the man who led our country into its only war in the 20th century, kept an enigmatic silence before the
3-21-95 harassment of the journalists present. With an imperturbable smile on his wrinkled face, he was reunited with some admirers of his government management, and with comrades from the armed forces.

He warmly greeted Admiral Jorge Anaya and the former minister of the so-called National Reorganization Process Roberto Alemann (73). Shortly before leaving the headquarters of the Círculo Naval, at the Buenos Aires corner of Córdoba and Florida, Galtieri limited himself to saying: “Do not ask me anything else, the answers will be found in the book“. Like a ghost, far from the glow that gives power, he walked alone in search of a taxi. As if he had never been, the almighty "strong man" of the last military regime.